ROAM Adventure Trailers are built in County Wicklow by outdoor enthusiasts with years of experience in camping, campervanning and caravanning around Europe.

It solves many frustrations of being confined to a small space. Our unique trailer design brings the outdoors inside for you to enjoy a real camping experience with all your comforts.

Our clever design features make your hybrid camping experience more comfortable and functional.

You’ll have everything you need to set up camp and stay off grid for up to five days. 


Greg Peterson is the CEO and founder of ROAM Adventure Trailers.

Having spent his career in the family motor retail business, Greg felt a calling to do something more.

An avid traveler and outdoor sports enthusiast, he wanted to build something that could house his family on trips around the country and throughout Europe, and thus the ROAM idea was born.


Hugo Monks is the COO of ROAM Adventure Trailers.

Hugo came to ROAM after a career that was based in technology & design, from sound engineering to high end A/V networking and lighting design. Hugo loves the minutiae of the tiniest detail, and designs and redesigns to perfection. 

Friends from their schooldays, Greg and Hugo’s first business venture together was in their teens running a chipper out of an empty hotel in Co. Clare for the summer! 


We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience, as well as outstanding care and support.

We take great pride in working on consistently improving our product offering, as well as our complementary services.

ROAM Adventure Trailers’ mission is to enable the freedom of movement, inspiring and connecting explorers worldwide with unforgettable European destinations.

Driven by a deep passion for traveling and bold living, our keen desire is to restore authenticity and add a dimension of adventure to our travelers?


Workshop & Showroom:

ROAM Adventure Trailers,
rear of Today’s Local store, Redcross, Co. Wicklow, A67 AK24 Ireland (IE)

Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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