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What is the ESF?

The ESF, as it is commonly known, is a democratic and non-profit-making organisation. Its members are national professional Shiatsu associations.

The ESF is a formal membership organisation registered in Sweden with membership rules, fees, and decision-making protocols.

Their purpose is to facilitate agreement on and adherence to common policies and actions, and to empower the ESF to act on these policies.


To achieve legal establishment of the organisation and the profession of shiatsu in Europe.


To promote and fundraise for research that supports the professional development of shiatsu in Europe.
To disseminate the results of the ESF funded cross-European research into the Experience and Benefits of Shiatsu.
To campaign for the development of research methodologies appropriate to the study of shiatsu and other CAM modalities.


Minimum common standards of professional shiatsu education and standards of practice in Europe and mutual recognition of shiatsu practitioners.


The ESF is open to membership by all European National Shiatsu Associations.
It encourages and supports the formation of national associations where these do not yet exist.


To establish working relationships with all persons and organisations worldwide who can assist us to achieve our goals.


The ESF is financed solely through annual fees from its national association members.


About Us

The European Shiatsu Federation (“the ESF”) is non-party, non-denominational and non-profitmaking.

The members of the ESF are those National Shiatsu Associations which subscribe to the above aims.

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ESF Administrative Board

President: Chris McAlister

Vice President: Irene Nolte

Secretary: Susanna Castellani

Treasurer: Szilvia Őri


Austria | Eduard Tripp
Belgium | Irene Nolte
Czech Republic | Karolina Pomichalkova
Greece | Antigoni Tsegeli
Hungary | Szilvia Őri
Ireland | Joanne Faulkner
Italy | Susanna Castellani
Spain | Vlad Bulai
Sweden | Chris McAlister
U.K. | Annie Cryar

Shiatsu - connection through touch

The principle objective of the ESF is to advance Shiatsu as a healing therapy throughout Europe and to promote high standards of professional practice.

Registered Address

Rundelsgränd 2B,
75312 Uppsala, Sweden.
Organisation no. 817605-3521