Shiatsu Without Borders

What is Shiatsu Without Borders?

Shiatsu Without Borders is a way to connect Shiatsu practitioners all over the world and make them visible, to draw attention to Shiatsu in a focused way, make a strong statement and demonstrate the diversity and expansion of Shiatsu throughout the world.
Throughout its 30-year history, the ESF has stood as a beacon for unity and common purpose among Shiatsu practitioners, schools and students. Acting together, we multiply our strength many times over and reinforce each other exponentially.

Why a Shiatsu Without Borders Month?

In the 1990s, the ESF associations led an International Shiatsu Day. The new thirty day period builds on previous initiatives, as we launch it beyond Europe and create a truly international Shiatsu showcase event.

Who is Invited?

Everyone: All who enjoy the idea of a Shiatsu day, a Shiatsu weekend, or a longer period, all who follow similar approaches and all those who do not yet follow this idea but who would like to join in.

Learn how to use Social Media

Tune in to Joanne Faulkner from the Irish Shiatsu Association and learn how to raise your social media profile with easy to follow steps, lively enthusiasm and love for our shared passion.

Rounding off the Shiatsu Without Borders June Month

As Shiatsu Awareness Month comes to a close, our #shiatsuwithoutborders initiative has proven to be a great success, with Shiatsu practitioners throughout Europe and beyond sharing what they love about Shiatsu, offering free treatments, hosting events, online talks and sharing images and videos of their own Shiatsu practice.

As Shiatsu practitioners, it is a joy to connect with others to expand our community and also to share the many and varied physical and emotional benefits of a Shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu is a deep, compassionate practice for both the Practitioner and the Receiver, using touch to listen to the body, with each treatment specific to the individual, never the same twice.

Thank you all for your beautiful contributions to Shiatsu without Borders, for sharing what Shiatsu means to you, for your generosity and interaction in helping the ESF and the various Shiatsu societies throughout Europe to spread the word about the unique practice that is Shiatsu.

Summarising the Shiatsu Without Borders June Month

The June Shiatsu Without Borders month can be regarded not only as a huge success, but as the beginning of a new and expanded, creative phase of international Shiatsu development.

The ESF was led in its social media campaign by Joanne Faulkner of the SSI (Irish Shiatsu association) and Kelley Monks, media expert and web designer, both of whom it wishes to thank for bringing a new level of professionalism to its work.

The ESF board was united behind the broad outlines of the campaign and was rewarded by a massive input from many individuals around the world and especially key actors within the UK Shiatsu Society.

Professione Shiatsu

Serendipitously, the three large Italian Shiatsu associations had scheduled their event for June 16th – exactly halfway through the month. This initiative marks a turning point for European and international Shiatsu. It demonstrates the will to unite, above and beyond narrower spheres of interest, however legitimate and well-founded they may be.

Back to the Roots

the Shiatsu Congress in Budapest, which led off directly from the Italian event, was an inspirational reminder of this theme: three streams of Shiatsu development came together under the mediation of Viktor Gulyás and the Hungarian Shiatsu association (Mashite) to investigate common origin and unified purpose. The congress was a model for cooperation and collaboration on equal terms and showed what can be done on a limited budget but with a highly developed sense of purpose.

The ESF hosted two events of its own:

The Quintalogue

had as its theme Unity through Diversity and featured the dignified experience of Carola Beresford-Cooke alongside the youthful enthusiasm of Fanny Roque, president of the association for traditional Shiatsu in France (FFST). With these two graceful female proponents speaking freely and powerfully of unity of purpose, the scene was set for the rest of the month and for the ESF’s closing event.

Global Meditation

on June 25th celebrated and strengthened the international Shiatsu family. Shiatsu beacons in several time zones gave freely of their time and energy to participate in a ceremony for generating power within the Shiatsu community and investing that power in the safe hands of Mother Gaia.

The ESF wishes to thank all who have participated during this month of sharing and hopes that the initiatives started, the bonds created and the channels opened will continue to lead to the establishment of Shiatsu as a strong, independent and autonomous profession throughout the world.

All are welcome to be part of Shiatsu Without Borders!
Let’s be visible together!