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If you want to promote Shiatsu in Europe,

If you want to support the aims of the ESF: which is to establish the legal recognition for Shiatsu practitioners to practice shiatsu freely in all European countries,

If you want to support Natural Medicine / les ‘Médicine Douces’ in Europe,

If you want to support the work of EFCAM ( European Federation of
Complementary and Alternative Medicine),

If you agree that prevention should precede medicine,

If you believe in natural and spontaneous healing,

If you agree that health is also the result of personal insight and of your way of life,

If you believe that a person is not separated from his environment,

If you respect and want to preserve Nature,

If you believe that mind and body are one,

If you prefer not to be dependant on the pharmaceutical Industry and want to educate yourself…

Then we believe we can assist you in achieving your aims and you can assist us in achieving our goals!

Let us join forces and create a better, more human and more Natural World.

Therefore, please support the ESF!

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